The Beginning

It almost feels inappropriate to call my first post the beginning. It has been nearly 5 month since I discovered my husband’s sex addiction. Sometimes it feels like just yesterday and sometimes it feels like the day he was arrested was a decade ago. Some days I feel like I have grown and evolved a lot since that day and often my thoughts feel more scattered than ever.

Today was particularly painful. This morning I caught up with a friend living overseas on the phone and she asked about my resolutions for the New Year. This topic mirrored a conversation I had shared with my husband last night on the way home from the airport. He had just picked me up from an extended holiday vacation with family. The truth is that the idea of coming up with a resolution hadn’t even crossed my mind. I have not cried on my way to work in more than a month but just uttering the words This year has to be better than the last made me cry. But doesn’t it?

The rest of the day I have been reflecting. One Resolution? Get my intuition back.

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