My Story

The very act of creating my story puts me in my power.

The truth is that some of my story is about them. If nothing else, they were the catalyst for getting me here. And they are worth mentioning in my story because they are the reason we are all here – as other halves searching the Internet for words that will help us understand how we are feeling.

So, about them.

My former husband was arrested in August of 2011 for soliciting minors online. We had been married for 393 days. He had been my other half for 10 years.

My brother was arrested in November of 2013 and is currently serving time in federal prison on charges related to child pornography.

That is them, so what about me.

I started this blog in the year following my former husband’s arrest. I was desperate to connect with women who could understand the life unfolding day to day beneath the shock of my life unraveling. I searched often for other women across the Internet, but found most of us remain silent because speaking out is messy and painful and rarely packaged well. I spoke up to heal and stopped speaking when light in my life began to break up the darkness.

I write today because I believe there is light everywhere. My wrestling with my former husband’s addiction and its impact on my life was the training ground for the big leagues. It was the foundation I needed to discover who I was and what was most important to me so that I could thrive in the public explosion of my family system.

We do not always get the gifts we want out of life, but there are gifts everywhere. I hope my story – past, present, and future is a gift for you and that you invite me along to watch you unwrap your gifts.

I believe there is no right or wrong way to navigate what is in front of you. We all come born with our own ways of doubting ourselves. I do not desire to add to that doubt but I do intend to welcome it and give you the space to find your own truth that shines brighter inside of you than any external circumstance dares to dull you.

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